Facilities List

We employ state of the art manufacturing and test equipment to meet the most complex design requirements for our customer’s implants and complex surgical instruments. 

CNC High-Speed Milling Centers

  • 1-CNC Super Max Max-1 Rebel X25, Y16, Z18
  • 6-CNC Haas VF1 and VF2 Milling Machine 4 axis
  • 3-CNC Haas VF3SS Milling Machine 5 axis
  • 2-CNC Haas VF4SS Milling Machine 5 axis
  • 1-CNC Kira VTC
  • 1-CNC Sharp SV-2412
  • 6 -Bridgeport with Digital Control
  • 1-K&T Horizontal Milling Machine

CNC Precision Lathes

  • 1-CNC Hardinge Conquest with Quick Change Bar Loader
  • 1-CNC Okuma Howa SL 20 with SMW Bar Feeder
  • 1-CNC Nomura Swiss Turning ¾” Dia. X8” long with Bar Feeder
  • 1-CNC YCM with Live tools, 1 ¾” Dia. with Bar Feeder
  • 1-CNC Hwacheon 200C 13.8 Dia. X 15.7” long
  • 2-CNC Star Screw Machine 38mm Dia. X 12” long with Bar Feeder
  • 2-CNC Citizen Screw Machine 32mm Dia. X 12” long with Bar Feeder
  • 1-CNC Haas SL-20 1.25 Dia with Bar Feeder
  • 1-CNC Haas ST-10 1.25 Dia
  • 1-CNC Bridgeport (Conversational program)
  • 2-Conventional Various Sized Lathes

EDM Machines 

  • 3-Fanuc Robocut Wire EDM

Laser Marking and Engraving

  • 2-TYKMA Zetalase Fiber Laser Marker w/Rotary
  • 2-Chemical Etching Stations

Cleaning and Passivation 

  • 4-Crest Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit
  • 1-Branson Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit
  • 1-Summa Electropolishing System
  • Citrisurf Passivation system with Ultrasonics

Grinding, Honing and Polishing

  • 1-64” Model Pedestal Grinder
  • 3-Badger 132” Floor Model Grinders
  • 8-Glass Bead Sandblasting Machines
  • 1-Honing Machine
  • 1-Medium Size Tumbling Machine
  • 10-Polish Jacks Double Ended
  • 1-Thompson Hydraulic Surface Grinder
  • Several Other Grinding, Polishing & Finishing Machines

CAD/CAM Programming and Support Systems

  • Complete CAD/CAM System for Direct Programming to all CNC Machinery
  • Drafting System ACAD
  • SolidWorks Design Software
  • MasterCAM
  • Gage Track

Inspection Equipment

  • Brown & Sharpe Microval PFx Automatic CMM
  • Brown & Sharpe Global Image 574 Automatic CMM
  • 3-Jones & Lamson Optical Comparator w/Quadra-chek
  • 1-QA Optical Comparator
  • 1-Fowler 40” Trimos Digital Height Gauge
  • 1-Brown & Sharpe 14” Tesa Digital Height Gauge
  • 2-Mitutoyo QM 350 Digital Height Gauge
  • 4-Torque Testing Units

Cut-Off Equipment

  • 1-Vertical Band Saw
  • 2-Horizontal Cut-Off Saws

Welding Equipment

  • 1-Orotig EVO 100 Laser Welder
  • 3-Heliarc Welding Units with 3 Certified Welders
  • 1-Silver Soldering with Qualified Soldering Operators

Through this extensive compliment of equipment we are able to offer a complete range of precision machining services to leading OEM medical manufacturers.  The Five Star Companies are experienced in machining stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber PEEK, cobalt chrome, aluminum and surgical grade implantable polymers (PEEK, UHMWPE) and composites.

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