General & Specialty Instrument Repair & Maintenance

We offer hand-held, surgical instrument repair and maintenance at our 40,000 square foot facility in New Bedford, MA. Our meticulous techniques in craftsmanship have proven to our customers that instruments remain sharp and functioning properly for several months; significantly longer that other competitive services.

This results in fewer sets needing to be released for maintenance, and instruments having a longer life before being replaced. We work with your hospital staff to create a system of reviewing “tomorrow's” case schedule before releasing sets. Instrument sets may be sent out on Friday for Saturday service. Reliability of instrument functionality is achieved through our strict ISO 13485 compliance. At Five Star Surgical's facility, all instruments are restored to a premium, like new condition. Each one of our master technicians specializes in diverse types of instruments. We believe that our system ensures consistency in quality and proper care.

In addition to our service facility, we also offer the convenience of on-site repair expertise for those instrument sets that are difficult to release from the hospital for 24-48 hours. Our factory-trained technician is available in ½ day and full day increments, as needed.

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